Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: The Golden Touch
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Creating gold is easy, as long as you have a nice thick font to work with.

Level » Beginner
Parts » 4
Time » 10min

 Part 1
Create a new image with the following settings:

File -> New
Width: 300px
Height: 300px
Resolution: 72 px/in
Background Color: White
Image Type: 16m

 Part 2

Create your text using a golden colored stroke; HTML color #DCC814, Times New Roman at least 50pt, Bold Anti-aliased, and Floating. Keep the text selected.

Center your text on the page. And add feathering. Do not remove the selection.

Selections -> Modify -> Feather (3px)

Change your background color to yellow (HTML color #FFFF00) and apply the cutout effect.

Effects -> 3D Effects -> Cutout

Settings are as follows:
Vertical between 3 - 5
Horizontal between 3 - 5
Opacity 100%
Blur 0%
Shadow Color = Yellow (#FFFF00)
Fill Interior Color = Gold (#DCC814)

Keep your text selected.

 Part 3

To finish it up, apply some Hot Wax Coating.

Effects -> Artistic Effects -> Hot Wax Coating

And give it a little sharpening

Effects -> Sharpen -> Sharpen